hello everyone at WoM
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Hello all, my name is sarge_azza, I've been a long-time reader at this site, but never actually posted until recently when I decided that I wanted to get to be part of this community.

I like to think of myself as easygoing, friendly and fun, although I guess that is really for those who get to know me to decide. My hobbies include anything artistic, writing poetry, music and short stories, and blasting some good old 80's, rock and metal out of my speakers on regular intervals.

I am hoping that I can contribute to this community and be able to become known as a friend in the community.

That is all I can really think of for saying right now, hoping to see you all around eventually!

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Friend #1, here :D I'm new too. I think I find myself in the same situation as you: Long time reader, just started posting.

Hint: It's a bird.