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Hello, my MineCraft account is named SamothX. I originally wanted my account to be called Samoth, but some user had already tooken the username. Anyway, I'm going to tell you how I discovered MineCraft.

It was many months ago when I first heard of MineCraft. I went to check it out, but it didn't look very fun because it was only in Classic Mode at the time. Then, at the beginning of October, I saw how MineCraft grew into a really awesome game, so I decided to buy it.
My first MineCraft day was... Disasterous. I spawned on a beach with two caves on the sides of it. I didn't feel like going into the caves yet so I explored around outside. It went all peaceful until the Creepers arrived in the night. I barely could see anything, and they kept on chasing, blowing up, and shooting at me. I was really lucky to find a little cave in a nearby mountain, and I stayed there for the whole night. Then, I got the idea that I should be on a higher elevation if I want to avoid the Creepers. So, I climbed up the mountain with the cave, and it was really tough, but worth it. I built a little underground cave on the top of the mountain, because I had no wood to build a house.

After I did that, I wanted to get some light sources, so I went into a cave inside the mountain. I made a wooded pickaxe from the few trees on top of my mountain, and mined away inside the caves. I was doing really well, until I discovered there were Creepers inside the caves too. I heard a faint hissing sound, and rihgt when I turned around I exploded. I lost all my supplies I gathered from the caves, and I decided to go into the Beach Caves instead.

That's all I'm going to write so far, because the Beach Caves have a HUGE story behind them. Anyway, nice to meet you guys, and I hope I can see you ingame when I play Multiplayer.

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