Help! File Conversion Problems!
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Ok, So I have been playing minecraft for a while. I have not payed for
the game and I'm not sure if I will. I am running windows XP, and I
have had no other problems/glitches with minecraft.
But now I want to
(1) Take maps from muliplayer and use them in singleplayer
(2) Edit maps (OMEN) and use them in single.

Simple right?
I wish.
I have The WOM client, OMEN, and MINE2NTB already installed. My problem
seems to be rooted in the fact that Notch has 3 different file
extensions.. .Mine, .Dat, and MCLEVEL. This means if I take a level
dump from the WOM client, (.Dat), I have to take the file, and put it
in MINE2NTB, which changes it into a MCLEVEL file. (of course, If I am
editing via OMEN i can just save in MCLEVEL). SO basicly I need a
MCLEVEL to .MINE converter...Does anybody know of one?? If you do,
could you please send the link, and some clear instructions?

Thanks soo much!!!

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I just covered this on

I just covered this on another post:

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