help please T_T
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Alright. So I just went onto my family computer and I cant get up minecraft. Well...not successfully. I'm told that it's probably my graphic card but I'm not sure. I have the Matrox Millennium P650. Is that my problem and if so what do I do about it? New card or new comp?

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If you haven't already, try

If you haven't already, try downloading and installing the latest drivers for your graphics card from the Matrox website and then make sure you have the latest copies of the World of Minecraft client, minecraft.jar and Java on your PC.

If this doesn't work, and not knowing the particular spec/age of your PC and graphics card, then it could very well be that your graphics card isn't quite up to running this game in which case either installing a newer more powerful graphics card (and some extra RAM if possible) in your current PC or as a last resort getting a newer PC should hopefully resolve things.