HighVoltageRaiding - Hardcorly Redefined Raiding/Team PvP Server Just RELEASED!
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HighVoltageRaid is a brand new hardcore server based on providing a friendly, lag-free professional service for players who have an interest in Team PvP styled servers. Hardcore does not mean you are banned upon death it means how we have redefined and eradicated Minecraft Team PvP to create an actual fair PvP enabled Raiding server hence 'Hardcore'. Fed up of being slain by players with overpowered and simply attained gear then HighVoltageRaid is right for you, work hard for your items and live always with that fear of someone finding your base? Anvils and Bookshelves are uncraftable and only available from the shop at a high price. Enderchests removed and a sweet backpack for all users? Sure! No protections, team up and rival enemy groups. It is hardcore to the bone with our custom command based economy. Overpowered pay to win gaming is a thing of the past, we try to excercise fairness or all parts. Try it out and leave any suggestions for improvement on our website.



Here, you will be able to discover everything you need to know about the server
This is the first public release of the raid server and there are a few custom things we have integrated.

This page is split up into different sections; 

Some items and features in the game have been removed or altered in order to make the server a Hardcore-Refined Server. ENDERCHESTS have been entirely disabled from the Raid Server in their place is a unique backback plugin you must join our website in order to access a single row in your backpack! Should you wish you access more, some premium ranks come with this ability view them here at our Webstore  
Other items that fall into this category include Anvils and Bookshelves, which cannot be crafted. These items can only be bought from the shop and a high price!
NOTE: Enchantment Tables ARE craftable! This lets you get low level enchants, however you are going to want to save up to buy bookshelves to fill your enchantment station!
Bookshelves cost $4500 each
Anvils cost $25000 each!  
Get saving, they're rare.

MagicSpells and Wizardry 
You can learn spells by searching for tombstones (bookshelves) around the map and right-clicking them. The dark magical nature of the tombstone overpowers you and infuses a magic spell upon your character, summoning you on a search for other spells around spawn.
The spells you learn cannot be forgotten and can be summoned by using the ingredients from the witches; a blaze rod, bone and wooden stick. The command '/cast' also summons your dark powers.  
Check your magical 'mana' (spell powerdriver) by using '/mana'
Ask other users where to locate hidden tombstones on your quest.
There are 7 hidden spells to find around spawn and 1 is available at the end of the parkour '/warp parkour' so get searching!  

Unique Voting Currency
We have a unique voting system like no other, you receive a dragonegg with each vote for HighVoltageRaid along with other rewards
These Dragoneggs are valuable and tradable with our shopkeepers at '/warp vote'
You can trade them for the items you wish to get, along with bringing more users to our servers!

We have a Team-PvP plugin active in game simply use :
'/team create <name> '(remove '<' / '>')
'/team invite <player>'
'/team promote <player'
'/team {help} [Page]'  - for more xTeam commands

We have coded a custom health bar that will appear above all users once engaged in combat this keeps you tuned in, fight or run? Who will die? You decide.

We decided to add a small feature for users to enjoy, hop on a bed block around spawn and jump. Be careful not to fall into PvP though!

Players and mobs now drop heads at a low rate.  
Any player head will drop at rate of 1/10 kills
Any mob head will drop at rate of 1/100 kills

When you first join as a default Scavenger user you have the abilitie to  
[1] Silk touch any Cave Spider spawner with a Silk Touch I pickaxe

[Scaveger+] Rank
When you join our website and add a verified Minecraft character to your account you will receive a rank upgrade from [Scavenger] -> [Scavenger+] what exactly does this do?

For joining the website the rewards are:


  • $2500 cash in game
  • You gain access to an upgraded kit!  
  • You get 10 Dragoneggs (voting currency usable at '/warp vote' in game)
  • You get access to your own private backpack as enderchests are disabled, its limited though so store your valuables wisely!
  • You get access to a larger Mana storage holdall, you can now hold 20 extra Mana (spell empowering fluid)



We have an amazing workforce tasked to assist you with any queries, issues or even just to chat. With 2 years of Minecraft game-server administration at supreme standards our support team will prove their credibility to you! Contact them if you have any questions  we hope you have a great day and thank you for reading our thread and we look forward to seeing you in game.
A fully suited company, trustable fun and fair, for you.

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New spawn build underway!

New spawn build underway! Expect it to be online by the end of the week.