How are mutes supposed to work? [Locked]
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I got a mute for reasons, I'm fine with it. But I was banned for 'Mute Avoiding' for messaging people.

So I was wondering if people were supposed to be able to message people while in a mute? because everytime I've been muted before, I've talked to people through messages, and I even talked to Nolz through messages earlier today.

So like, No staff member has ever enforced this before pointy did, and I just thought it was okay.

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Your ban has been reduced to 3 hours. I apologize if you were unaware that PM is mute avoiding. Nolz can talk to you because he is staff and staff have to know if you are having an issue. We even see things that the server blocks. Also, you were muted in the first place in part because of what you were saying via PM to some people. It doesn't make sense that it would be ok to continue to use the same method of conversation during a mute that got you muted in the first place. There is an issue with mutes and /ignore not blocking /tell, but that doesn't mean it is ok to exploit the loophole. Please remember that.