How do you add custom ranks on your minecraft server?
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I made my minecraft server, and i understand how to change all the properties except for the ranks.  I'm using McLawl, and i dont know how to add my own ranks.  I know its possible b/c i was messing around with it and added my own rank of Co-Owner, but now i want to add the rank of Owner...

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It's in the files

Way #1:

For a mclawl system, there is a series of files... in one of the folders there is a ranks file... open it using notepad... once in the notepad, look at the format that the ranks are in, add a few formats, then add the info about them... it's very easy to do...
Way #2:
For a mclawl system, there is the app that goes with it, in the app, there is a tab called "properties" i believe, then a "ranks" inside that... there is an easy "Add" button on the ranks tab, hit that then enter the info.
I hope one of these helped... have a good one.