How do you create clans in PvP?
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I want to make my own clan on the PvP server, but I do not know HOW. I already belong to a clan, but they pretty much just invited me to save me from being stuck in a pit on top of the roof over the safe zone. Some of them are inconsiderate about regroups, and I want no part of it except using clan home to my advantage.

Can someone help me? Is there some sort of code I have to input to create a clan while in the minecraft pvp server, or do I have to go somewhere else?

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/clan resign - you need to

/clan resign - you need to leave your existing clan before you can create one


/clan create tag name and so-on

you can use plain /clan to view all your clan commands

/clan 2 and /clan 3 and so on will let you view the next pages.

Hope to see you on pvp when the server is back up =]