HUGE spleef tournament! (Details)
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Hey guys,

the reason I didn't put the details in the original thread is because there might be other people who want to join in the contest, and might not scroll down to see the date and time, so, I'm putting it here.
Date = 25th of March.
Time = (Sorry to the people that this is an inconvenience to, approximately  8:00 PM EST (QLD, AUS)
 There will be a red skin, and a blue skin. 
Members of the blue team will be required to change into the blue skin, and vice-versa. 
This is just to make monitoring the game easier. 
Due to the lack of people wanting to monitor the game, I have decided NOT to include buildings on the playing field. (There will still be obstacles and pre-made holes)
There will be 3 rounds. 
1 - Play it smart! Develop some tactics before the game! - I am currently working on a spleef training arena, with obstacles, pre-made holes so you can practice jumping and other things like that. 
2 - NO HACKS. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO HACKS. EVER. NO WAY. - It will result in you being INSTANTLY disqualified. No restarts, either.
3 - If you are out, you can leave if you want to. If you are not out, and you leave, you ruin the ENTIRE tournament.
4 - Don't build things on the spleefing ground, only destroy the ground. (No, don't destroy the obstacles either)
5 - If you are out, please come up into the seats of the stadium.... No, you can't help your team mates out by destroying the blocks under the enemy from underneath the stadium -.- We can always pause the game and type /whodid
So thats it guys! If you have any questions, please comment bellow or contact me in-game! :D

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K so what will the grond be? glass or something non-transparent?

i need to know cause i hate spleefing on glass just because its hard to see holes