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• Who I am!
Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on these forums; however, I do lurk. :)
My name is Graham, I am 26 years old and currently work at Epic Games in North Carolina. I have always been been interested in retro video games, mostly RPG and action adventure. Some of my favorites are the Final Fantasy and Zelda series! I thoroughly enjoy 3d modeling as well as a hobby and previous career.

Regarding Minecraft however, I've got ample amounts of experience with both in-game mechanics as well as hosting servers.

• What is "Hylian Fantasy"?
"Hylian Fantasy" is the name of my upcoming Zelda server. "Hylian" refers to a race of people that reside in Hyrule; you the player will play the role of an adventurer living the Hylian fantasy. Currently, I have port forwarded and am hosting this server on my computer for alpha and beta testing purposes. I have experience running a full fledged purchased server which this will be hosted on.

• Objective
My vision is to eventually create a Zelda universe starting with "A Link to the Past" as the first starting overworld the player will play through. Once the player has played through A Link to the Past, he or she will then play through the next game chosen by me or my team.

This project is ambitious; however, I am only using existing content. I am not entirely re-creating a Zelda overworld, nor am I creating mods or even server plugins. All content being implemented is already precreated by other users (whom are being credited!). This will make an already ambitious project be much less daunting; instead of making the puzzle, we're essentially assembling it.

• Current Mods and Plugins
Current Mods
-Custom NPC's
-Expanded Redstone
-Carpenter's Blocks
-Faster Building
-Invisible Lights
-Dual Hotbars
-Rei's Minimap
-Void Monster
-Balkon's Weapon Mod
-Zelda Sword Skills
-Zelda Sword Skills (Addon)

Current Server Plugins

• Ranks and You!
I am going to need a set of staff ranging from officers to members. There will only be one officer per profession and that officer will oversee his team. Officers will be hand chosen as well based on a set of prerequisites. All officers must have microphones, this is not optional. Regular members are not required to have microphones, but are implored to have one.
The profession of officers I'll need are:
-Spriter: You will directly impact the visual aspect of the server, whether that be creating entirely new skins for NPC's, or creating new block tiles that'll overwrite existing block tiles.

-Level Design: As a level designer, you will primarily be creating new interior houses that'll warp to the overworld via command block teleportation. We are doing this to replicate an existing Zelda feel, but more importantly because it offers us more interior space to build with. Your role as a level designer will set the foundation for our "Level Aesthetic" team.

-Level Aesthetics: As a level aestetics member, you will be adding visual critiques to the world, as well as to a level designers architecture. Because of "Chisel" and "Carpenter's Blocks", we can now add more tiles as well as sloped corners, and more. Other roles will include lighting, redstone mechanics, and advanced tile placement. Your role will be to add these visual details to the world!

-NPC Control: The "Hyrial Fantasy" universe will encompass hundreds upon hundreds of NPC's. These NPC's range from quest giveing NPC's, informative NPC's, Shop NPC's, as well as enemies. Some of your tasks will be to fully create these said NPC's; you will be in charge of creating working shops, functioning enemies, and quest chains. I am willing to teach anyone how to create a custom NPC!

-NPC Scripting: Exactly as the title says, you will be entirely incharge of the AI patterns of an NPC. Said AI patterns could be dungeon bosses, monsters, or even unique informative NPC's.

• Organization Equals Success!
A lot of projects fall apart because of a variety of reasons, such as the project being overly ambitious, or even bad leadership. As project lead, I plan to hand pick my officers which will oversee their team. Each week, the officers will have a team meeting over Skype to fill me in on the progress of their team's profession. Other things things that might be brought up in the meeting will be team member functionality, as well as suggestions. Is your team getting along?
This project is ambitious; however, it is being completed in milestones. I am only working on one map at a time, and as said, all content being implemented is already completed. I have created a "Project Task List" which will depict all content that is either fully functional or not yet implemented. A timeline for content release dates will later be implemented to show when expected tasks should be completed so we can push for a content release patch. Profession Officers are expected to organize their team together and have their team ready for expected patch releases.

• How to Join!
Do you wish to join and participate in the creation of Hylian Fantasy?!
Here are the prerequisites to becoming either an officer, or a member:

Please use this as a template for requesting to join.

Applying For: (Officer or Member)
Minecraft Experience:
Time Available:
Skype Contact:

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Name:Riley Meyer
Applying For: (Officer or Member) Member
Age: 16
Minecraft Experience:Over 3 years
Time Available:Noon til Nine PST
Skype Contact:irishcookiekill

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Added you on Skype. Look

Added you on Skype. Look forward to speaking with you! :)

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Bump, Happy Thanksgiving!

Bump, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Bump again, still looking for

Bump again, still looking for an NPC scripter and a person who can make player skins.

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Bump again, seeking a sprite

Bump again, seeking a sprite artist for skinning the NPC's (uses player skins) and a scripter who knows Javascript or LUA who can sucessfully script specific AI patterns, such as bosses.

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Last bump, need as much help

Last bump, need as much help as we can get. :)