I cant log in to minecraft
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It says i cant go into mine craft i t always says login failed and it also says to play online before playing offline but i cant login

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i think somones hacked my account >_<

i think somones hacked my acount >_< cuz if i try to reset my password it says the old 1s not correct HELP PLEASE!

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me too

me too i cant do anythings i changed my account password n change on
both the site n launcher (SAVE AUTO REMEMBER) but the launcher wont let
me in

when i closed it says my old password no matter wat i do same thing happen PLZ HELP

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theres a new minecraft maybe u havent got it yet

- MrPwnKid

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I accidently had my minecraft

I accidently had my minecraft account logged on two computers and now one of them won't log in it just goes to a black screen. Please help. I know this is the problem because i was on a few minutes before my brother logged in on another. When i logged on i didnt know he did. PLEASE HELP