The Idea Behind Clan Hegemony
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It has been pointed out to me quite a few times that there are now way to many smaller clans in the World of Minecraft community.  But why?  I cannot understand what players gain from a massive bunch of smaller clans? Less rep than a larger clan and less of a variety of people to talk to would stop people from doing this I would think, but still I see the amount of clans growing and growing everyday. So here I am, coming up with a plan to change this.

I would like to offer any small clan (or any clan at all, I don't think this will  really interest the larger clans) to merge with Hegemony.  This will benefit you, your whole clan, the originals in Hegemony and the rest of the World of Minecraft community. How you ask?  It's quite simple actually.  When your clan joins Hegemony, together we'll have a larger clan bonus, and a much large community while the leader will still have access to leadership of Hegemony.  I have set up a new account, ClanHegemon, in which I will give leadership of Hegemony to when I someone has accepted this offer.  You will be given full access to this account, therefor, giving you full leadership power of the clan.  Now the beauty of it all.  Hegemony will then be able to keep merging with clans, increasing the rep bonus, increasing the clan chat, while decreasing the amount of small clans.  With each new clan, there will be a new person with access to ClanHegemon.  With each new leader of Hegemony, we would be closer to the only kind of Democracy that you could ever get in a World of Minecraft clan.  And if you think that sharing access to ClanHegemon would weaken you power of leader, think about it.  What can a leader actually do?  Invite people, kick people, give to a new leader and change the clan name.  You would still be able to invite people and how often do you change the clan name or give leadership to someone new?  As for kicking people, we have to put a limitation on that, so we will do a majority vote of the leaders on whether to kick that play or not.  So now use your common sense and at least think about this offer.  Remember, it only takes one to start a chain reaction.  I hope to see you as part of Hegemony.
If you have any questions, ideas, or hate mail talk to me in game or contact me at

Please post any new ideas or flaws about this.

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I see a HUGE problem with

I see a HUGE problem with this. What if some smart ass who has the password to clanhegemon, decides to transfer the ownership. heh.

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How do you Join 2 clans together? And theres 2 leaders.

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takous, i shall take this

takous, i shall take this offer. i will also like to merge with you with my clan The Swift Masters.