I'm Stepping down
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It is with mixed emotion that I formally step down from WoM as General Manager. Spudsrus is stepping up to the roll and will spend the next 15 days transitioning to it.

I will still be around as an off-sider to assist Spudsrus in all aspects and to work on NEXUS

Thankyou all for trusting me these past 4 and a half years with WoM. It has truly been an amazing journey, one I will always hold dearly.


P.S If you want to stay in touch, you can find me on:
Discord - MrSnowGlobe#4718
Skype - MrSnowGlobe
Steam - MrSnowGlobe

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can i have ur stuff


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Thanks for your service snowy, you have done an absolute stand up job and you are the main reason WoM game servers have kept the door open for many years.

All players have you to thank for.

Also big thanks to Spuds who is taking over the role and moving into the big office.

Finally, thanks to the whole community for just being awesome. We really are lucky to have great people contributing and collaborating towards our codebase, forums, general staffing and gameplay.

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Thank you.

I know H4X said this already, but thank you, seriously, for being such a good manager these past few years, Snow. You've done so much good for WoM, from the conception of SMP to Nexus and even a few other things... And up until now. I'm really glad to have played with you, and to have been involved, even in the minute amount that I was, with everything you've offered WoM.

And here's to spudsrus! You've got some big shoes to fill, but I know you're definitely up to the task.

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it has been great

thanks for just being there when we needed you please take your well deserved rest and look back to the fond memories of back when you still had the power to mess with us on the server muhahahahahaha.
but seriously thanks for the great work you have provided for the server and we hope to meet you again on wom not as your subjects but now as equals.

with regards pkesteren aka peter

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One last message, this time, sincere.

Snow, you been an inspiration to everyone. You helped everyone when they needed help, you engaged in odd conversations with people to keep them entertained when they were bored, and best of all, you kept the server in a runnable state. Thank you MrSnowglobe, have a good rest of your life.

Stay Snowy, Liquidwrench.

P.S. Maybe this time, you can let off the pressure of running the server, and just play. Unless you're completely quitting Minecraft or WoM.


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New message

@TheSnowGlobe, you have been working so hard to keep this server up for years. I am very appreciated for what you did on this server, I do really enjoy this server and you always keep things notified and updated us to know for news. But, it's sad to see you go for now for this server. :(

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So I come back after six months, and I hear you're leaving. Welp.

I've thoroughly enjoyed your time here on WoM. Thank you for everything you've done and the time and effort you've put into the server. You're an amazing person; the right amount of know-hows, the right amount of leadership, and (almost) the right amount of humor ;) .

Go do cool things.

-SnowGlobeJr <3

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