Infdev -Transferring Worlds between Computers
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My main Minecraft infdev world is saved on a different part of my hard drive on my previous operating system (Windows Vista).  I'd like to play that same world on my current operating system (Windows 7), but haven't had any luck.  I tried running the same Google Chrome executable I use on the Vista partition, but no luck; the Chrome instead loads the data from the Windows 7 Chrome.

Is the Minecraft data stored in cookies or the browser cache?  If so, is there a way to transfer data between two comptuers?

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The infdev saves can be found

The infdev saves can be found in the following place on a Windows XP computer:

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\.minecraft\saves

I imagine the location on a Windows Vista/7 computer would be something like:


In the saves folder you'll find folders with names like World1 and World2 etc., these are the infdev saves; if you have any indev saves they'll be single files in that same saves folder.

Just copy the whole .minecraft folder and its contents to the same place on your Win7 partition as it was on your Vista partition and it should hopefully work.