InxainCraft (medieval/rpg/dungeons/economy)
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Hello all, first off i would like to say that this is a new server and under development. I am working hard to get everything up and running.



White listed: yes
Type of server: rpg/pvp/pvm/team/economy/dungeons
Player slots: 50
Rank up: yes
Team speak ip:

(Scheduled to be edited, more coming soon)           


Difficult level: super hard, not your average mobs.
Main focus point: Dungeons, hand made by my admins and I.
Worlds: Nethers, main world, plotworld. (1 more to come)Cheating is not allowed and you will be band if you do so.
Main plugins: McMMO, Jobs, Chestshop, plotme, epicbosses, monster apocalypse, signwarps.
Bosses: there will be over 300 bosses set on re-spawn timers all over the map.
Chest restock: chests around the world in dungeons, towns, secret areas all restock with random loot on a time limit.
Plots: everyone is allowed one plot, 128x128.
Recommended play style: it is best to play with someone as the mobs are vary hard, also enchant your armor and make those potions, you will need them for this server.
Chain armor: you can find fire by digging soul sand so you can make chain armor.
Nethers: tired of boring old nethers? well you are in luck, expect around 6 dungeons in the nethers, towns, secret areas, and about 50 bosses.
Capture a mob: catch a mob with an egg and a good amount of money.
Shops: everyone is allowed 2 shops, ask about having your shop in a main town.
Staff: there will be 1 Owner (me), 2 admin slots, 3 moderator slots, and 5 help slots. (scedualed to change)

Land of giants: basically an area with huge structures and giants for people to try and fight. 

Fixed economy: I'm mathing it out this time so it is balanced.
Better loot: I am re-writing mcmmo for a better loot system.
Better drops: I am customizing what mobs have a chance to drop.

PLEASE NOTE:this is not really a pvp server, it is a fun rpg dungeon server.


It is a bit rough i know but if you would like to help please come over to my website (It has only been up for one day, so don't judge). If you have building skills, let me know what they are. Also I will be building an application thing on my website for the people that are interested, to fill it out and possibly get access to beta test on the server.


(This was thrown togeather vary fast and will be edited from time to time)

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Enjoying the fun

This server is coming along pretty well i tried it out and staff are really freindly and supportive i recomend joining i have fun times here!