JAILBREAK! 24/7 Prison Server
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24/7 Prison Server

Official Fourm at: bit.ly/Sopguard


You Start out here in the mine and chopping wood.

You are moving up and now have a couple more ways to make money.

There are new food and block options in shops and new areas to make money.

This is the 2nd highest rank of the prisoners, There is no PvP in this block, And only Advancedguards can access it aswell as Wardens. With more diamonds and such in the mines, This block is a MONEY MAKER.

This is the highest rank of prisoners, and includes the best perks and advantages, easy ways to gain MONEY, and some fun hidden features.

Free users are allowed to enter and exit the prison, and visit any sector they please. Free users must still follow prison rules when inside the prison.

Prison Rules
(Breaking these may result in temporary confinement or solitary, but will not result in a kick or ban)

1.Do not attack other prisoners/guards.
Remember, this is a PVP server; PVP is not against server rules. Killing the same guard 3 times in a row can result in temp jail.

2.Never be in possession of contraband items.
If a Guard sees an item, he/she will count down from 5.

If you do not hand it over, the following will happen:
In a PVP-Zone: The guard will attack
In a Non-PVP Zone: The Guard will jail

3.Do not camp the spawn, work areas, shops, etc.

4.Do not run to Non-PVP during a Guard fight
The Guard will count from 5. If you do not exit again to fight, you will be jailed. Hopping across the border multiple times in order to beat the system will result in jail time.

Server Rules
(Breaking these will result in a kick or ban)

1.Do not use any mod, hack or 3rd party program.

2.Do not spam the chat.

3.Do not abuse any server glitches.

4.Do not glitch out of the prison.

5.Do not abuse the areas where you can build.

6.Do not advertise other servers.

7. Griefing will be an automatic ban.


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