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hi im trying to form a minecraft clan|team and our goal is to build costum maps if intrested comment in the forums thank you. by the way still dont have a name.

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you can try to apply to my clan if u like =)

Founded in 2003, our clan, the Defenders of Stalingrad is different from any clan you will ever meet. We do this by challenging the defining goals many clans impose. These other clans burden their members with requests for large sums of money, large time investment, and force their members to follow unnecessary rules. They forget the reason you want to be in a clan is to share ideas, meet others who share your pc gaming interests, and to ultimately have fun.
For over 8 years we have followed our vision in the gaming community. As a result, we have impacted the lives of thousands of gamers from North America to Western Europe while playing the many games we love. While we have supported some of the biggest gaming titles, what further helps to set us apart is our focus on the more niche titles. 
Starting in September 2011, we have begun to support Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. It is the namesake game of |DOS|, and we hope to defend that name in the battles ahead. Forgotten Hope 2, Killing Floor, and World of Tanks continue to be supported in our clan as well. The latest addition for our clan is Minecraft, which gained support in the last month. Do you play any of these games? Want to get to know a clan unlike any other? Check us out today! 
Official Site:
Teamspeak 3 IP:
Time Zone: Primarily EST and CST
Server Locations: TS3-Chicago, RO2-KF-Minecraft-Detroit, MOHAA-Minecraft-New York
Clan Email:

Joining Requirements: 
-- A Supported Game (ex. Red Orchestra 2, Killing Floor, Forgotten Hope 2, World of Tanks, Minecraft)
-- 17+
-- TeamSpeak 3 & Microphone
-- Steam

|DOS| Mincraft Public Server IP:
Server Rules
  • No X-ray/Hacks
  • No Grieving 

***Everyone is welcome***

PM me or Reply to this post,or simply join our teamspeak =)
- |DOS|Sgt.Amerikaner,

 Clan Recruitment Services