Knights of Ni
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Hey folks,
Probably about to open up KoN for people to join.
Here's a general policy thing.

Let me know if you're interested.

KoN (knights of Ni) policy

1 There is no shared base. you have responsibility for your own base and can ask clan members for help building one. This is to strengthen the clan through spreading our assets.

2 Trusted status in the clan is to access clan home. Clan home will always be spawn.

3a A fee may apply when you join the clan. This helps ensure you take the clan seriously and don't sell us out.

3b Applying to join does not mean we will accept.

4 The clan will not just give you free stuff. You can earn shared loot from raiding or trade goods with other clan members.

5 Do not spawn camp new players. you can kill someone new, but give them advice after and don't do it repeatedly.

6 Don't feel obligated to give things back after a kill. Don't expect your things back if you die.

7 The clan is not your personal army. We will generally back you up if you didn't start a fight. If you started a stupid fight then we may not back you up.

8 There will be very few clan locations known by multiple clan members to improve security. (Don't go showing your base to everyone in the clan, don't go asking to see everyone's base)

9 Trade valuable items you don't need within the clan rathern than trading outside the clan.

10 Being in the clan does not mean we completely trust you. Work hard to prove yourself trustworthy and you will be a part of more and more clan things.

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:O [ I Prodigy0114 would like

:O [ I Prodigy0114 would like to apply to Knights of Ni] What ever is your PM response either if it's yes or no. Thanxs