Lobby admins corrupt
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The lobby is corrupt. Admins tend to play favorites and punish innocent players. I have been kicked 4 times and silenced twice,yet, the chat log is full of rule breaking examples and the admins let it go. Ive been warned about spam and I wasn't even spamming,but, somebody else was spamming 50 messages and wasn't warned till the 49th message. The admins are unfair and should be demoted. Examples of admins that should be demoted are: "Artful" and "WM". "WM" bans IP addresses immediately. These two admins are the worst out of the admins as they obviously favored one player, whose name I will not mention *cough* MOLEZRULE *cough*, the most. These two admins should be demoted. I have been kicked multiple times,silenced, and assaulted (which the admins turned their blind eye to). This is unacceptable. Behavior like this shouldn't be tolerated. Who made them admins anyway? Why are they still admins now?

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wow, relax

Both Artful and <WM> are correct moderators.

remember moderating a server with 100 people in at the same time, 24/7 is really hard.
also, I'm sure you weren't obeying the rules, as you don't get kicked and silenced that often without reason.
another thing, you didnt even tell us what miss MOLEZRULE did, as much as I've seen from her, she never disobeyed any rules.
and that "should be demoted" is something I don't like, you don't give us ANY information about what happened in the server and we should just go with your word and the owners should demote them?
that is probably not going to happen.
Why didn't you join IRC at the moment it happened?
Why make a topic and not a support ticket?
Have a nice day,

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Actually the way I see it....

Couple of things:
How do you know that the user that spammed 50 times didn't get penalised? Ever heard the boy that cries wolf?
Who made them Admin (Staff)? moujave, Triddin and H4X.

The Facts - We record everything:
You are just cranky that MOLEZRULE kept kicking you from her realm. Rules state if they don't want you there, then leave. Obviously you can't read properly and she had to kick you.

  • 2011-07-12 05:26:53    realmkick    who=MOLEZRULE;action=kicked;reason=I said leave.
  • 2011-07-12 07:18:10    realmkick    who=MOLEZRULE;action=kicked;reason=Stop annoying me.
  • 2011-07-12 07:18:37    realmkick    who=MOLEZRULE;action=kicked;reason=Stop.

And Artful only silenced you once for 2 hours.

  • 2011-07-12 05:26:27    silence    who=Artful;duration=2h;action=silenced;note=language/caps/spam/trolling

So before you go ranting and raving next time, get your facts straight. Also go read the rules: http://womrealms.com/rules.php.

*Locking this thread before it turns into a long winded debate. If you have any further problems PM a staff member.