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The Paradox MC is looking for new longterm staff who are willing to work long hours to help build and manage our community! 

We are a new server with many plans for our future: including Factions, Creative, Survival, Prison, and much more to come!We are looking for people with:


A.)Advanced server administration knowledge


B.)Advanced plugins, permission, and config set up


C.)Creative and innovative builders


D.)Experienced mature chat moderators 


E.)People able to bring in players in and make the community larger


Preferably we are looking for people ages 16 and up, but exceptions might be made.


We need a way to contact you outside of the server as well, so make sure you can have that information at the ready!


 To apply add ilovebella991 on Skype and Pearson Wright (server owner) will evaluate you.


 The server ip: play.theparadoxmc.com


Server website: http://theparadoxmc.com


 We look forward to working with you!!!
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