Lost Connection: Log In Failed?
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It keeps telling me this no matter what server I try to log on to. I am not losing connection because I can still go other places. It is really making me mad I just want to play the flippin' game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i feel yeh

yeh i have the same prob...itd irritating but i went to www.minecraft.net and looked for the server list and none came up-im just guessin all of the servers are out

dont get too mad at it =D lol


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happened to me

checked and server is up but i cant play it with wom 

i could play yesterady but not today plz HELP

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This is an old post so please start a new one, and also include which server you can't play, WoM: Realms? If so I don't know why because I haven't tried playing it today but I know it is up because I spoke in global whilst in SMP.

Thanks, dhall10

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