Mac - Says password/username is incorrect
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First off, I can't download the launcher anymore, but I still have one of them downloaded. So is this World of Minecraft thing still a thing anymore?

And if it is, when I use my mojang account, it says that the username/password is incorrect, and I tried my username and email, and still no luck

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It is still a thing...

For the most part World of Minecraft is still a thing, yes indeed.

However World of Minecraft no longer run any 'Classic Mode' servers, mostly because 'Classic mode' is no longer supported by Mojang.

This is why your account details would not work, and is also why the old World of Minecraft Launcher is now basically redundant.


However, if you still want to play 'Classic Mode' Minecraft, you could give ClassiCube ( a try.

Note that you shouldn't need a ClassiCube account to use their client in singleplayer, as the client should run just fine without any login details entered, but you will need to make an account on their website in order to access their multiplayer service.


DO NOT use any of your actual Minecraft account login details (i.e. username & password) when setting up your ClassiCube account, as this could potentially leave your actual Minecraft account at risk of being stolen/hacked.


Alternatively you could set up an alternate profile in the current Minecraft Client and then load up one of the old pre-alpha or alpha versions of the game.

Be warned though, the very old versions of the game can be quite buggy and prone to crashing, and they're mostly all singleplayer-only.