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The reason I am contacting You is because my account was banned on February 23th 02:00AM. That is because I indeed used a little bit of scripting to get some experience in my Mob Grinder. The problem is that I failed to realize what I should have realized and I want to express my sincere apology. So I ask of You to find it in Your heart and let this silly guy play again on Your server. I know You think there is no guarantee that I will not use scripts again, but there is only one way to find out, besides there is a ban awaiting for me anytime I would try to use scripts again.
From all the servers out there I chose this for a reason. This server is managed perfectly, with perfect community and warm atmosphere. I really do want to continue playing on my favorite server. I am a nice, polite guy, always trying to find a way to contribute to communities I am in.
Once again, if You can find it in Your heart, give it a second chance.

Kind Regards,

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Given it was only a macro we've decided to pardon the ban.
Please refer to the rules for anymore information.

Locking o/