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Minecraft: It's Good For You.

I dunno, I felt like doing this.
Make your own pictures that's related to Minecraft. You can make icons, banners, desktop backgrounds, pixel art, etc.
You can also post pictures of Minecraft pixel art.

My first is a simple pixel art icon. Not a file icon or a window icon, just an icon.
It says "MINECRAFT: BUILD AWESOME STUFF" and a little picture of an overview of a huge area built in Minecraft. I was too lazy to make the Minecraft blocks, since it was pixel art, so I just made seperate colors for each block. Everything is shadowed against a black background. I made this in about 25 minutes. You may need to zoom in to see the details a bit more clearer. It is in the download.

My second is a simple gradient-background banner. The picture is included on the right.

Yeah, I know I'm terrible.

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