Minecraft Cinematic | Teras Castle (20 Hour Build Time)
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Hey guys! I have spent the past two weeks building this castle and I am extremely pleased with the way it turned out. Check out the video and leave a like if you enjoy it!

Johnny Kayson
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Hey dude, I checked out your YouTube channel and thought your stuff was pretty sweet. Especially that castle! Anyway, keep it up. Always nice to see some fellow builders out there. The small group I'm a part of have been trying to plan a major survival server for a while and have been pre-designing builds in a creative world to get an idea of what we want to build in our full on Survival. We have already started, but are always looking for more people anxious to join or show off their talent. Maybe we could show you some one day or hang out.

Anyway, again, keep up the good work and see ya later!

Kindest Regards.