Minecraft Classic OFFLINE!! (LOCKED)
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I moddified the wom.jar to connect to my localhost wamp server (it lets you be your own host of an website) and in the wamp server I did put some files from minecraft.net (needed to edit them) and now it works!!

To use this you will need:
Minecraft server software: Download
Wamp server: Link to download page
My pack: Download

Ok first you will need to extract "my pack.rar" (use winrar)

Then install the wamp server.

Ok now just go to the extracted "my pack.rar" folder

Then copy every thing thats in side of the "wamp" folder to your wamp servers www folder (Like in my case C:\wamp\www)

Ok then just copy the wom.jar from my pack to the costom client folders lib

Ok now start your mincraft server en go to server.properties open it in notepad

and edit the follow lines


Ok almost done!

Now start the wom client and enter only a name

Now you will see the servers (its al blank)

In the lowest textbox fill in

Now you will go in the server

If you have questions just ask


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"Ok then just copy the wom.jar from my pack to the costom client folders lib"

Where is the folder?

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doesnt work...

everytime I put wom.jar into my lib folder the game will stop working...what to do with it?

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One of your links is broken.

Your links
Minecraft server software: Download
My pack: Download

are broken.

Please reupload your items to something like mediafire.