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Hi, I am thinking about getting a game and for my upcoming birthday but according to the website it says that Minecraft Game Licenses are sold separately. Can anyone tell me what that means.

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I'm not sure what website you're looking on that says that. When purchasing the game, make sure you're buying it from https://minecraft.net. It's currently 26.95 US Dollars, and https://minecraft.net is the only safe place to buy the game. If you already have a computer and internet access, that is the only thing you need to buy to play the game on the computer.

Buying access only gives you the game on one platform, which may be what whatever you're looking at is talking about. Meaning if you buy the game license for PC, you can only play it on PC, and you can't play it on Xbox or Mobile or Playstation. If you buy it for Xbox, you can't play it on PC or Mobile or Playstation. etc. Make sure you're buying the game for the platform you want to be able to play on.