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Does anyone know how i can get minecraft to work on LAN without being on the internet?
i've found and read alot of posts in the forums about this, but no-one seems to have got anywhere with it at all.
When i run the server thing, it starts allgood, but when i try to get someone else to connect to the server via wireless or ethernet (either one)
it kicks me and says ive logged in from another location..
Very confusing.
We have different Ip's.
and the server runs off of another,
but we have still had no luck after 2 days of this.

If anyone knows what we could do,
Would be appreciated! :D

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I remeber this

The best thing you can do is just be connected to the internet THEN play LAN

You could also download this name hack thing that lets you change your name from Player thus getting around this problem! :D

PS can remeber what the name hack is called >:O

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Danks: Først går du ind i

Danks: Først går du ind i "Netwærks- og deleingscenter" så går du ind i "Rediger indstillinger for netwærkskort" så trykker duhøjre klik på "LAN-Forbindelse" "Engskaber" "TCP/IPv4" også "Brug følgende IP-Adresse" så skriver du Fx: i den neden under skriver du, så tryk "Ok".Så finder du din Minecraft-Server mappe, Så går du ind i "server", og sætter "Online-Mode" to "False", ved Server-IpSkriver du Fx:!! Din "Ven" der skal joine skal ikke have samme ip, så han skal Fx skrive: "" og neden under255.255.255.0 :D Håber det hjælp !¨Engelsk: First, go into "Network and deleingscenter" then go to the "Edit netwærkskort" thenpress

Right click "Local Area Connection" "Engskaber" TCP/IPv4 "also" Use the following IPAddress "as you write example:
and in the below write, then press "OK ".
So you find your My Craft Server folder, then go to the "server" and set "Online Mode"to"False" by Server Ip
Do you write example:
Remember! Your "friend" to join must not have the same ip, so he must write example:"" and below
255,255,255.0: D Hope it help!