Minecraft: Virus detected!
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Minecraft is NOT a virus.

This user does NOT represent "Akira". He signed up with a Yahoo email lol?

Locking topic.

  I work with Akira, a well known anti-virus provider, and it has come to our attention that there is a virus in the game "Minecraft." It is highly advised that you keep your anti-virus program running while playing the game and also have the Windows firewall. Although, through proper study and screening of the game, we have seen that the virus still has the ability to over load the memory. We believe that it is a "Trojan" Virus that is causing this. This is a warning for all those out there who are playing the game without an anti-virus installed, as they are at a great risk of getting it.

  Be careful, and happy mining!

- Akira, Game testing center.

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The "overloading of the

The "overloading of the memory" is probably due to loading large worlds or significant amounts of tnt being blown up at once.
Happy virus detecting.

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*Troll detected*

*Troll detected*

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