Minecraft vs garrys mod!
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I've been thinking about this two games so I want some votes which one is better.. Once I chose one I'll put it in my favourite list :P.

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Two completely different games, not comparable.

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Minecraft is the one I enjoy more.

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I'm not sure that you can

I'm not sure that you can compare them as Artbot stated. minecraft is a sandbox game based on cubes. There are 2 main game modes, survival and creative. garys mod is also a sandbox game, but it is based around player content and has many more popular game modes. it also is not a cube based game. Personally i enjoy them both.

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I agree with Artbot and arrowthefighter

comparing them is kinda like comparing skittles to m&ms the insides are different.

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I completely agree with

I completely agree with arrowthefighter. It is very difficult to compare them. According to me both of them are good but still if you want any one of them to be in your favourite list then I will suggest you to acheter Rainbow Six Siege .

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To answer your question: Minecraft. But I'm biased.


Also, you shouldn't ask this question on a forum made specifically for Minecraft because we might be sorta biased to Minecraft.