MinecraftSMP: Experienced, Dedicated, Diverse - We Welcome You to Our Community
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IP: minecraftsmp.org
Website: http://www.minecraftsmp.org

If you want to join a welcoming and friendly community in addition to playing Minecraft, we welcome you with open arms. MinecraftSMP (also known as Pixelbuilt) offers a variety of experiences to choose from, as well as an experienced staff base. We have a main server, MinecraftSMP, which is our original offline-mode SMP server. MinecraftSMP has been around for 3 years and was arguably one of the first popular offline-mode SMP servers in beta. Another server we offer is Pixelbuilt, which is our up and coming Pixelmon mod server. Pixelbuilt is a recreation of the Pokemon world, a project which will eventually have every Pokemon region. Right now, Kanto and Johto are completely built and playable. Our community also offers a PVP server, PVP.pixelbuilt.org. PVP offers a classic PVP experience, while also adding in extra features.

Offline-mode: So your friends can play, too!
MCMMO - Learn skills and earn special abilities for activities such as woodcutting, mining, excavation, hunting, and more!
No whitelist
PreciousStones plugin
Player owned shops and ability to create your own shop
PVP and griefing allowed outside of towns and cities
Easy to remember IP and website: minecraftsmp.org

Website and IP:
If, for some reason, it doesn't work, try:

When you join, type "/register password", creating your own password.
This will create your own, unique account.
(Creating an account is optional but required for ranking up as a staff member and other features)

We have over 10,000 players registered on our forum, and we welcome everyone to join our growing community. Hope to see you there!

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ive played this server for a

ive played this server for a long time and i love it. great smp server