MinecraftSMP Factions/PvP Server
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Do you want a great server with a great community?  Are you the kind of Minecrafter who likes doing different things, such as Voltz modpack, bukkit, and factions?  Well, MinecraftSMP has all these things!  We are a Minecraft chain server with 4 servers, and more to come!  My favorite of all, the MinecraftSMP PvP/Factions Server, has many great plugins.  We have Factions, iConomy, Jobs, Craft Arrows, and more!  Try it out today at Minecraftsmp.org:25511 or go to Minecraftsmp.org and do the command "/server pvp"!  See you there!

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minecraftsmp.org:25511 is a great experience!


very fun seeing this new community develop and being a part of it!