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Hi and Welcome too my Minecraft  :)   !
I will just say first that , I am owner of my own server, Me my self is from norway,and My server is now International,my own people don`t like me anymore becouse of competition of what buildings i have made inside my sever.
I am a Builder,ans I am new too Minecraft too,started 1 January my own server.
I like too Help people who needs help,so just ask,like too do my best for all i meet around this world.
I realy hope people can talk too me and help me in Minecraft,not so easy for me doing all things alone on my server.
Server info is that, i using 4 gb dedicated ram,online 24/7  can have 0/96 people max online.
Its a MOD Bukkit server latest is :  1,4.7.
I have alot of Plugins now.
PS. We have SG - Survival Games in the server  :)
Anything i should now about memory and stuff and plugins just tell me,im not good technikal of me on that kind of stuff.
I have 1 OP who helps me with Plugins now,and technikal stuff.
I am looking for Admins/Mods too help me get members and stuff,just allmost onle me online all the time,and building stuff,spawn is now 250 block,im not good too count area block :-/  just clear area around spawn FLAT. with Gras  :)
Other stuff:  IP adress too team Speek is :
can have 25 people at MAX.
i can speek norwegian,and little bit english i understand english 95%  :)
We have facebook *LIKE* site too.
our Website is :
Here is comming Staff we need:
STAFF Members 
Host: runosg78 
OP : 
Staff for international : 
We need this staff members. 
IAdmin: Sweden,Denmark,English,German,France.
Thank you people for reading this and visit my Profile.
I dont like too be bether than others,just like too be my self,and I dont judge people for who they are  :)
PS. Can any staff member contact me ?  I have 1 problem with chat self if i have latest Java  :-/
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I forgot 1 thing its our

I forgot 1 thing its our forum hehe.