My name is Master Aizakku and this is ME!
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Master Aizakku
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Hey guys I just joined not but two minutes ago and need someone to show the rookie the ropes.

I Am Master Aizakku I have had minecraft for about 4 weeks and playing it almost all the time. The main reason I joined is to have a minecraft hub and to get my server publicity
I am really lonely building a city alone so if you want to join my IP is

It's an MCAdmin server recent version
I Know its green but it happened when i put in my ip and I cant get it off so again I Am new so please tell me how to shut the green off or something.
So Everybody help will be much appreciated. P.S is the green client side? can only I see it? Am I going nuts from being so lonely? 

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If you're reading this you will die in 10 seconds

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doesnt let me

it doesnt let me open doors or place a single wool block