My World of Minecraft not work for my account
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Guys i try my account and is not work and i create another account is work idk why my other account not work please tell me D:

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Try using a Mojang account from

It doesn't need to be premium to play classic.

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 hellofirst of all. Sorry for



first of all. Sorry for my englisch. Im dutch and real bad in languages 


I have downloadew World of Minecraft last weekend. I have used it to. It works great. But than the next day i did get a problem i could not log in anymore. so instead of using resume i did sing in. And yes it works (i could choose of 2 versions of the same server).

But now (sinds yesterday) I can not login.

If i log in whit resume i says: Connection lost. Login fail. try again

If i log in whit sign in i get: Your username/password may be incorrect or there are no server to validate your login.


I have tryed to redownload World of Minecraft. and i have tryed a lot to login. 



A other problem what i have sinds i have downloaded WOM

i always used Opera for internet (because it is really fast and i works a lot better). but now i cant login whit Opera. So now i have to use Firefox of Google Chrome. 

Does any one know how that can happen