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Everyone has discovered hidden passages in this game before (hopefully not from griefing...)
but this in this guy's house he used  the iconic "secret bookshelf door" that lead to a batcave sort of thing it was sweet
i copied his idea, by making a small, 3 story house with an empty attic, empty entrance room, and a basement with a chair and a book shelf, the book shelf has a set of stairs behind it that leads to living quarters, another library (ironic), a pool, an irrigated mushroom farm and etc.
I though it looked pretty neat. The best part? its still there, fully intact, after a week bunker and all.
So i was wondering if you have seen anything neat like this...
i mean, it is not like i am going to steal your ideas or anything >.<

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How do you get past the

How do you get past the secret bookshelf ?

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How do you get past the secret bookshelf ?

You delete it....

You just wasted your time reading this.