Need 2 ADMINS - Bosscraft
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Hi everyone - 

BossCraft is back!  _ChuckxNorris_ is still the owner!  I'm starting my server back up from scratch after about 6 months offline and need a little help. We'll be a laid back survival server like before and I'll freely give items if players really need them and just ask. Right now, its me and one other guy (ez_thegreat100), but I'm looking for 2 more admins to help getting up and running. We haven't even built spawn yet totally. I just started back up 2 nights ago. Its on white-list temporarily just until we get spawn area done and protected. Email me if you'd like to take an admin position and help out and you're a decent builder. You can also reply to this post but you're quickest response will be to email me. Thanks!

PS - ONLY mature people.

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Can i be admin?

Can i?