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I have a 10 y/o grandson who is hooked on the Minecraft books....but hasn't played the game. I can't afford a new gaming systems for him....but can get a new laptop. If he hasn't played have the previous versions of Minecraft to compare to....will he enjoy the Windows 10 version? Thank you for any guidance.

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From what I understand, the Windows 10 version of Minecraft is a Minecraft Pocket Edition (Mobile) that is playable on any computer with Windows 10.

There are currently two version of Minecraft:

Windows 10: Cross platform- Can play with anyone on iPad/iPhone/Xbox

Beta- Still some bugs

$9.99 (as of 11/29/20150

Then there is the PC Version available at
Multiplayer- Can play with anyone on PC only

Mods- You can add Player made content to the game


The gameplay should be the same for each, the only difference is some content. If your grandson has never seen anyone play minecraft, the Windows 10 Version should do fine.

Ask your grandson if he watches people play minecraft on Youtube, if he does you might want to buy him the dedicated PC verison (26.99) because that's what Youtubers play on because they can add "mods"

Overall, he will probably enjoy either version. If you buy him the Windows 10 Verison and he wants something more, you can always buy the PC version.

Its always nice seeing Grandparents trying to buy their grandkids something their interested in. Hope this helps