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Hello fellow Minecrafters.

I am in a plan of opening and starting a big server that we hope will bring in tons of players and fun.

However, we need people with talent like you!

What do we need?

Graphic Designer - Can create awesome and amazing logos, banners, etc.

Mature Moderators - Must be mature enough to know what he/she is doing. We take no mess ups or immaturity. We are choosing moderators from different time zones.

Plugin Manager/Technician - Knows a ton about plugin coding, Minecraft server errors, technical stuff.

Web Designer - Knows how to code html, design a good looking website (We might be using XenForo or Enjinn)

Advertisement Crew - Knows how to advertise well (Not immature advertising), has an idea of money buisness, can bring in a ton of starting players.

Donators/Sponsors - Can help us get funded!

Updates with more Job Openings will be posted when we need them.

If you are interested in one of these openings, please reply to this thread with a contact information (like skype, email, etc... but we prefer email)

If we are interested in you, we will contact you with some interview questions so please be prepared.

All Staff will be paid once we become successful.

We will share our ideas for this server if you are recruited.

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lel, first, nobody will sign

lel, first, nobody will sign up. Go try PlanetMinecraft.

All those jobs, you realise you are looking for stuff a professional server would but you aren't going to get popular, many come and many leave with that hope but they never do. You need something unique, sponsorship and stuff.

A Developer or as you call it "Plugin Manager" isn't a technician, lrn2undstandwurds

Also, paying when you become successful may be a long time away, or even never. I recommend changing your thread, even though that probably isn't allowed here.

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Its not a typical server

We arent making a typical server, its one of a kind.

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Best of luck

I hope it works out for ya and all but to be completely honest picking people from fourms of other server is not a good way to get people, also another thing is no one wants to be constantly be at the 100% mark it's extremely stressful. I know from experience..

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Might I suggest putting this topic post into the non-World of Minecraft servers section? I hope you find the people you are looking for.