Need Plugin Developers! $$$
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Hello! My name is Carter, I'm 15 and love Minecraft PvP! But I can never find that perfect server! So I'm deciding to make my own PvP server! This server is going to have tons of PvP games and stuff like that! But, unlike most servers, I want custom plugins! I want a developer that will make my server some custom plugins to give my players the best Custom experience possible! I am willing to pay but I'm not going to pay right now, I promise I will pay in the future, but right now my family is going through some hard times! If your interested on starting this amazing journey with me, contact me through skype!

Skype: McPvPMasterYT

PS: Our staff so far is made up of all mature people, everybody is 15+ and nobody is going to goof off! This is a professional server! Please consider this!


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No offence mate but nobody is going to work for the promise of money later from a 15 year old.

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Unprofessional advertisiments like this would most lilkly be ignored

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So proffessional. Many wow.