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Hi! Welcome to NEO-MC, this is a brand new factions server, looking to cultivate a wonderful community!

We are still new and so we are still trying to iron out alot of issue, we strive to have staff on as much as possible to keep your experience as best as possible! :)

The IP to join is
we also have an enjin which is

[1] Respect all players
[2] Don’t hack
[3] No spamming
[4] No advertising
[5] Don’t constantly curse
[6] No Trolling/Flaming
[7] No asking for OP/Ranks/or Items
[8] Obey staff they’re the law
[9] Don’t be racist/sexist
[10] No unapproved mods
[11] No Hacked clients
[12] Try not to build near spawn(Yes I know this isn’t a rule)
[13] No 1x1 Towers
[14] Don’t leave one block of a tree left
[15] Use common sense

Please feel free to ask any questions, or even hop on and say hi! We hope to see you there :)

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use common sense and put your advertising post in the right section