New Minecraft Custom PvP Raid server!
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Hello! Do you like Minecraft server that include the following: Raid, Custom PvP, Custom biomes, and that are simply active?
Then Savageraid REBORN is the server for you!

This server has a bunch of great stuff!

Here is a link to the forums, where you can find lots of info about the server! New stuff is being added everyday! make sure you check out the link above!

This server has lots of helpers active that can answer your questions in chat, or you can simply ask with "/ask" !

This server recently got 'reborn' its previous owners didn't seem to care at all :o but now, with the new owners, they took this dead server and gave it life!, making it better than it used to be!!!!

You will find enemy's in this server. Go raid and grief them!

This server has FACTIONS. Factions is a plugin that allows you to group up with your friends and claim land! Other people will try to raid your land so protect it!

This server has its own Custom Classes, you cannot find these same classes elsewhere!

The community is great and full of nice people (deep down)


This server has not been open for 2 weeks and it already is sky rocketing in the mine status ranks, currently on #87 it will go up up up!

This server has EVENTS that are hosted DAILY! They are fun and rewarding!

I hope you will find this server AMAZING like everyone else does!
Go check it out for yourself!
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You've found the forum where we post OUR server information... let me put this where it belongs for you