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Ok guys I have been playing minecraft for about a year and i enjoy some pvp but i find it always gets so unbalanced for new players on the server. With that in mind I came up with an idea for a new server type. Note that not all ideas here are set in stone as I am still trying to work out some of the details but this is my general plan.
1. Random teams.(For the most part. Players may be able to choose 1 or 2 players that they would like to be on a team with).
2. Tekkit or Tekkit Lite not sure which one. No condenser or OP items though. 
3. Tiered weekly banned items and rules.( For example Week 1: No pvp at all many banned items such as nukes, mining lasers ect. Week 2: Pvp enabled but items still banned. Week 3: All base locatoins revealed to every team, mining lasers unbanned. Week 4 : Nukes enabled ALL OUT WAR!!
4. Once your base is completely destroyed or you are in a position where you cannot possibly come back you are out of the game.
5. When only 1 team remains they win. The server is completely reset and new teams are assigned.
That is the general idea but I am open to suggestions. I am sure things will be added and changed before I launch it.
Please post here if you would be interested in being part of  server like this.If I get enough players on board I will start the server ASAP. All kinds of feedback are welcome good and bad. 
Thanks guys !
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Sounds cool

Just leave out the tekkit part though :P