The new server set up
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Today I logged into the normal minecraft server, to find it wiped and to find that normal members had been kicked off the other server so builders and admins/mods had their own private server. To this I reply WHAT THE f***ING HELL. With all due respect but what the f***ing hell is the point. Now as far as I can see and have been told a lot of people have complained about this ingame but I am the first on the forum to say. Also I have been informed that many players have left the server outraged to this. We are all alike in minecraft and anywhere else! I would have thought better from the owners of WoM than to split us up and kick members off the normal map and give them a new one. I can see the reason may be you want only brilliant stuff on one server but if you want members to get better they have to see brilliant stuff and learn from the people who created it. I am outraged and I know quiute a few others are to see this happen. It should be undone ASAP or you will loose more and more members! I hope other members will join me and agree with me. It is a disgrace to be put down and not allowed to work with many of my friends. Now there are only a small group of nice members playing and I can now not play with many of my other friends who were infact either buildres or mods!

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The map was changed to island

The map was changed to island as the canyon map filled up too fast. It has NOT been turned into a private server atall, whoever told you this was playing a joke on you. The canyon map is still up on the (old) one if you would like to build on that.