New, Trading in SMP!
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Hello everyone! As most of you are aware, about a month ago we posted a thread in search of feedback, ideas, or just general suggestions. One of the most popular suggestions was to have the ability to safely trade/sell items, without having to worry about the other person running off with your stuff.

Well, here it is! The new trading mechanic! And along with it, this informative post about it, complete with pictures! If you hate reading it's pretty simple to figure out on your own.

The only commands are:
* /Trade (PlayerName) - Requests a trade with the designated player
* /Trade Accept - Accepts the current trade request
* /Trade Decline - Declines the current trade request
* /toggletrade - Toggles whether or not people can ask you to trade

If you think you can figure it out from that, you can go ahead and stop reading now. If not, I made an imgur album with pictures of everything working, and descriptions! Please make sure you read this before asking any questions, as your question may already be answered.


Happy Trading Everyone!

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I like the idea. It's a safe

I like the idea. It's a safe way to trade directly. I would suggest that this replace the global market but leave chest shops in place. That way you can still do business while offline and we avoid the massive buildup of crap items that people like to dump into the global market as a free form of bulk storage. It would also be one less thing the server has to track.

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Well it's kinda replacing global market as that's not on 1.8 smp

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Pointy is a bit out of the

Pointy is a bit out of the loop. And yeah, we're definitely leaving in chestshops.