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Hay gais.

So I've been playing since friday, great freaking game. I've learned how to run my own server and am trying to learn the next steps in being awesome, came here looking for resources, decided to introduce myself.

I hate complaining but a lot of this post will probably be taken as that, so first...
I've been hosting my own server for the duration I've been playing like I said, and it's pretty greaat...though I screwed up with the directory so my stuffs really disorganized hehe. I've been playing with stuff trying to learn the border to how each thing functions, and I must say even though the greass is slow, I love how the trees work. I discovered by accident they grew from the bushes when building a nature spot on the third story of my house lol. Once I announced my discovery to the server let me tell you...suddenly people starting building underground forests (with glass roofs of course) and stacking trees on wood piles 5, 10, 25 blocks high...It blew my mind the fun things that some of the coding in this game is capable of. I am, however, wondering how exactly I make Omen work? Sure I can open it up and mess wtih a FEW things, but if I try to tell it to generate me a new map it simply freezes no matter how much time I give it. It's not too hueg an issue since I found a couple decent maps to download online, but it's a small bother ya know?

Now...I love the game but am having difficulty with parts of the community. My in-game name is AppleCart, which is so totally not intended to sound trollish, I'm just bad at spur of the moment creativity and thought a fruit themed name would be funny, yet when I enter a game I've actually had 25% of all OPs think I'm a griefer and either ignore me or ban me straight out. One guy even banned me the second I joined! The only message I saw was "NO" before being banned, and that really REALLY hurts one's opinion of stuff yeah?

I try to be a nice fair player but it seems like the griefing has gotten so bad that even though I just joined, it's impossible for me to get into a server I can actually build and have fun on that I don't host myself!

I really don't know what to do....I've tried to obey every rule of every server, and the only times people let me in it's usually becasue for some reason that specific server has an OP who just lets people out without them even talking.

I don't know it just seems like people are so on edge about griefing they wont even give me a chance. I can understand on servers where people have built thins like gaint Gundams...but I feel like every server with people is also psycho pissed at ALL times.

I guess the question I need to ask in all that is what can I chane about how I interact with these psycho OPs so I don't piss them off? I've tried to build something to get their approval but I just don't seem to understand the design scale ANYBODY wants of me. My imagination is pretty good but I'm easily discouoraged, and I just can't seem to make something I consider good that also fits into an admin's standards.

I'm sorry for the way this thread probably comes off...I'm still stressed from the crap I took last night when all I wanted to do was join a few servers and learn whats going on. I hate griefers...I just don't get why people always take me as one.

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1. On Omen, how big is your map size. Anything over about, say 1024 x 512 x 256 will cause a major hang, possibly not ever coming out of it. Are you trying to generate a new map in the file menu? If so (assuming you have a rubbish computer, if its hanging so much) just try a flat grass, and make it small. If it keeps hanging... well,  your screwed.

2. Yeah, some server OP's are evil. One kept kicking the second after I exited the jail, after constant complaining. Everyone was using hacks and I got banned for using them! That doesn't happen here, don't worry. =D
3. Anti-griefing? Go up to others stuff and fix them?
4. Some OP's suck. Ours do not.
5. Yeah, I have to say grief is pretty bad on those servers. I mean, an admin has trusted them to do their job. They have to either be crazy and evil, or not be an OP. If an admin saw they were letting "griefers" in and not using /say every second of the day they will get the chop. Sometimes they also go a bit mad with power
6. I have a thing I always build onto every server I visit other than WoM (which is not often) I build a tree. I always use a tree because it needs virtually no hacks at all, looks good, can have other people help, is relatively fast for something of its size. and is absolutely huge. If there's a build thats going to impress an OP, its this one. If you want I'll show you in game how to make one. I've currently got one on WoM: Main =P
7. Ya, me too. And good forum post. I think you should wack it on Minecraft forums. You'll get a ton more people and replies.

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Welcome to WoM, When i

Welcome to WoM,

When i started out on minecraft we didn't have as many blocks as we did now..it was still awesome though.

since then i've come and joined WoM, made tons of friends and become a member of staff.

Trust me you are going to love it here!

Wildstyle... welcome to the darkside!

An Arch near you!

Awards- Quality Build

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On the OP issue

Well you have to understand that most servers don't have the anti grief system that WoM has so they tend to be much more wary as they can't fix it as we can. They tend to employ spawn prisons which can be very annoying if there aren't any OP's on at the time. And be careful of using hacks and always ask if hacks are allowed on a server before turning them on. Some OP's will instant ban the second they see you flitting about or what not.

Well I guess its just a matter of timing whether you log in when there are OP's on or not to let you out of a spawn prison but if there are and they do let you out, just be friendly without being overly buggy. Just visit the server often if it catches your fancy and sooner or later the OP's will remember you and will learn to trust you. Its all a slow process and you have to be patient. But no matter what just build stuff as as you said your imagination is good and you get easily discouraged. Don't let what others think of your build discourage you. Just build as you imagine and leave it as it is. Admin's are there to take care of a server, not to tell you what to build.
I can't help you on your server issues so I'm sorry for that but just continue to explore MC and just relax if some OP's don't like you. Some OP's can be pricks. Just build and give it some time. 

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