nextlevel Dad finally putting MC server on FreeNAS for my boys - need translator to help understand what they're asking me 4 ;-)
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Greetings All,

Totally new to MC world but would like to stand up lit MC server for boys. Have some specific needs for them and requirements for me (to keep safe).

My base setup needs to be peaceful/survival or normal/survival with no mobs (creepers, zombies, etc.).

I know that about a year ago when I was first joined here looking into this I saw a cheat-sheet that discussed what each server setting was and what it did.

What I'm specifically looking for is tip/tricks/pointers on:
- build/software versions to use and/or avoid
- addons/texture packs to use and/or avoid
- good/safe/reputable sources for texture packs, addons, skins, etc.
- help setting the MC server up so that only hostiles are removed (I can setup a separate server for hostiles inclusion at a later date if appropriate)
- resources to learn more about command blocks and how best to use (or prevent) them
- WILDCARD: any other information that y'all can offer or share that you think I might find useful

Thank you guys in advance for your patience and help!


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there are some plugins that

there are some plugins that allow you to disable aggro on mobs, so every mob can be passive!

Maybe that would be useful for you.