Nexus Crashing?
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Today me and my friend where playing Nexus and all of a sudden we were put into the lobby with the error message in the chat box:

"The server you were previously on went down. You have been connected to the lobby"

Thinking it was just a random crash, me and my friend proceeded to join back again. My friend got in fine but when I joined, we were connected back to the lobby with the same error message.

I'm pretty sure I remember MrSnowGlobe saying something that Nexus was nearing the point where it last crashed/broke so maybe this has something to do with it?

After about a 5 minutes, it was letting us back in again but with major lag. I spawned at X -377, Y 175, Z 32 with nothing in sight except for clouds and was stuck their for about 3 minutes until I spawned at Nexus lobby. I joined my world and after about 30 seconds, it crashed and put everyone in Nexus back to the lobby along with a lot of confusion.

Do any of the staff know what's happening?
Just thought I'd let you guys know incase this is a major issue or just some maintenance that Nexus needs?

Thanks for reading

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NEXUS has been fixed.

Thanks for letting us know