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Hey, so in my old Nexus world I had small spheres with faces of each staff and I plan to start working on re-creating them, only this time I am going to add custom moons that any user can submit. Here is a screenshot example from my old world:

I used plotz build generator to make a size 14 sphere then marked out 8x8 areas on 5 sides for the face, then I used my own imagination from there. Oh and I also had some screenshots of the persons skin to work from obviously. I had my own moon built too...but sadly I didn't take any other screenshots at the time.

If you have room in your Nexus world or a friends you can build in, go ahead and give it a shot. You can use the above method or make a slighlty larger version (within reason :P) and when you are done I can come look at it and place it in my world. If I am not online you can /mail me about it. Have fun!

This idea was originally from a plan for a Nexus spawn - expanding on the title "World of Minecraft". 


staff moons featured in the above picture: Jupiter_Ginger, Wolftone1916, Sonardo, Taximaxi88

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