Nice to meet you all!
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I just started playing Minecraft about 6 months ago! I'm more of a builder and am currently making timelapse videos, and a 1.12 ssp series on my youtube channel. I really want to get to know more people who like minecraft so that I can keep getting advice on my builds, and maybe find a server to join! So nice to meet you all!


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I think it is very popular to

I think it is very popular to make review of mods.

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Hello, guys! I started

Hello, guys! I started playing Minecraft about 3 months ago. I really like this game, so I registered on this site to find people with whom I have the same opinion.

I'm still studying at the university. But sometimes I work as a freelancer as an essay writer for students. If you need help contact me!

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I have a great time here

I started to play not so long ago, but it was impossible to tear myself away from the game. As you understand, when you play, learning is not interesting. My parents were even threatened me to pick up a laptop if I played a lot of games and got bad grades, but I found the way out: I have good grades and I have a great time here))